Lisa Transcendance Brown – Collectives Exiting the Matrix Simulation – Awakening to the Magic of Free Existence – 11-12-16

Higher Density Blog


Ahhhh, don’t you LOVE awakening to the magic and amazingness that comes with these higher frequencies when you are FREE INSIDE from absolutely everything? When all you’ve got to do is get up, focus on making a difference, focus on sharing more love, more light, more knowledge of our NEW Earth Existence now?

Don’t you LOVE just allowing all to unfold/materialize for you, with ease? The brilliance of these vibrations and the beauty of all in unherolded by anything before (here on this physical earthly plane).

We now move into the POWER of the SUPER FULL MOON as the 11/11 Gateway opened and now leads us into the SOLSTICE GATEWAY…. which will open with the Super Full Moon in a few days… We continue to go higher in frequency daily, yet thus far today, again… very soft activations right now…..

Now, we have entire collectives in different places vibrationally, different…

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