Executive Order — Delegation of Function to the Director of the Office of Personnel Management

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

Could I be blowing this out of proportion by sharing it in this manner? This is a possibility, technically, I’m not saying much, just pointing something out.

I’m only passing this on so people can see there are changes taking place. If you feel this means rough times, then make an effort to secure safety, communication and well-being in case of electronic communications issues.

Note: What we focus on is going to expand. With that said, everyone is watching the charades. So there is a plan being put into effect regarding the process of disclosure.

The authority to establish emergency leave transfer programs (ELTP) in the event of an emergency has been transferred to the director of the office of personnel management.

This is normally handled directly by through the authority of the president.

Are we being informed of certain events taking place without direct acknowledgement?

There is a plan…

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